A Meditation on Healing the Body & a Painted Guru Update

So much to share...Over 4800 souls have signed up for "The Painted Guru"!!! Some sort of magic is happening and I feel life is blessing this in wonderful ways. If you want to nurture your creative heart, make sure to sign up. The summit starts tomorrow and each day you'll get an interview from an artist who lives the Painted Guru theme and uses art to heal the heart, inspire the soul and soothe the mind. You can sign up here http://www.thepaintedguru.com


Also, this is a meditation on healing the body and it has a little exercise that makes my cells smile...If you're having health issues or not, it's always a good idea to nurture the body so it has the strength to coast through this world...sending lots of love your way. 


This will Change the Way you Create... Join me for "The Painted Guru"!

Warm greetings! I know you’re always interested in nurturing your creative life and becoming more expressive, more intuitive, more alive and MORE centered, so I wanted to share this with you! 

Your creative heart is in for a treat because in two weeks, you're going to get what you need to transform the way you create and leap into a new level of soulful, joyous and heart centered expression.

I've been working on an online event for months and it's designed to nurture creatives. It’s called: “The Painted Guru…Discover How Art Can Heal the Heart, Inspire the Soul and Soothe the Mind”.

 The event is FREE!

 Below are a few things you'll learn and receive from this amazing band of artists: 

 ·         How to discover your voice and feel authentic in your expression.

·         How to create intuitively and honestly to awaken freedom on the canvas and in life.

·         How to use life stories as well as imagery and symbols in your creations.

 ·         You’ll hear stories that will speak to where you are and point to where you’re going as an artist.

·         You’ll learn you’re not alone in the ups and down of the creative life and will discover the benefits of making bad art and the secrets of passing through the rough patches.

 If you’ve been longing to commune with other creatives and take your art to a new level, this is a golden chance. For 22 days, an amazing band of artists will inspire you with their insights, creative tips and stories. This will change the way you create!

You can join "The Painted Guru" by clicking on the link below. Once it goes live on June 11th, your inbox will be blessed with a daily interview by the featured artist, info about the artist and a link to a free gift. So say yes to your creative heart and join the magic!



See you on the other side.

much love, Bebe



The Painted Wound and Letting Go of Over Spiritualized Emotions

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve chatted with you. I don’t like the word cancer. It’s got baggage. From this point on, I’m going to call it “ my messenger”. That feels more on point to me.

I’ve been working on healing on many levels ,… physically, emotionally and spiritually.   And one thing I realized about myself lately is that I sometimes don’t express or release emotions because I spirtualize them instead of allowing them to just come up and out. “Stuff” has definitely come up lately…more than anything a feeling of being alone. It’s an old feeling. So instead of busting out my inner guru and talking that emotion back to enlightenment, I’ve been mothering myself, gently massaging the body and speaking to it sweetly, sitting with the feeling of aloneness and coming up with ways to heal it like a mother does a broken bone.

Yes, we can transcend the “I” and the issues dissolve, but we also have to work with these patterns of energy that are wounded and need nurturing and mothering more than teaching.

I journaled “the deepest wound” of my mother and I being separated at a young age. It was powerful because the symbols and imagery came naturally almost as if somebody else was painting.  Every part of it had meaning and it just began with the intention to release the wound onto the page and leave it there.  This is a beautiful exercise if you can create some space to do it. You could collage it or even write a poem about it. Once you put the wound down, sit with it a few days, see it and love it.. Ask it how you can nurture it. Then allow healing imagery to come into the text or the painting. And let it speak to you.


My sister sent me this card with these paper lanterns on it that I fell in love with. The lanterns found their way onto the page as did the wheels carrying me out of the wound and to a new phase. The lanterns were symbols to me of bringing light to the wound. Very naturally, it was like the painting was telling me what was next.   

The next morning, the paper lanterns were still talking to me. I’ve been wanting to create a business that helps people connect with their light and travel past blockages spiritually and creatively. All of a sudden, I realized the paper lanterns weren’t just for me. They were a symbol for others as well. The idea dropped in to name the business “The Paper Lantern Studio….Illuminating Art & Soul”.

I’m still not sure on the subtitle…but the general idea is there...it could also be “The Paper Lantern Studio …Shining Light on Art & Soul.  Which one do you like better? Let me know if you have any inspirations for subtitles. Or suggestions. 

And if you create your “wound” piece,  I’d love to see it if you feel comfortable and hear how the experience was for you. Have a beautiful week....much love.



Big plans to Bloom, a soulful art prompt & a meditation 4 U

After a pretty intense month, the joy waves are washing over me as solutions to remedy this little "C" word arrive. I want to thank all of you family and friends for being so beautiful and loving. Notes have dropped in, healing friends have come to do their energy magic, and intuition has been a solid friend. I've decided to follow the Budwig protocol which is natural and quite a full time gig. I think I may need a juicing secretary. Anyhow, feeling so much better and sensing this is a course correction for me as my heart sets sail in a new direction...body, mind and soul.

I told myself I wanted to create one meditation a week for people as a soul gift...feel like i've been given so much lately and want to return the love. 

I'm also enjoying the meditative and intuitive practice of painting backgrounds...

and the art of finding imagery....Imagery is powerful. I've been finding images of health and strength. What images are drawing you? I am so loving the interviews for this Painted Guru summit that will go live soon. One of the artists, Darlene McElroy, said, "Know your symbols and bring them into your art." What are your symbols? It's a great question to mingle with. What are yours? 

Powerful Art Prompt

So one powerful art prompt that one of the artists shared was to paint your wounds onto a canvas and leave them there, sit with them for a day before building new layers and imagery around them. Let hem speak to you. Then get a spray bottle of water and paint a gorgeous color of healing at the top of the canvas, spay it with water and let it drip over the wounds...I'm so doing this exercise this week... just seems so powerful and healing to me. Yes?

Soon, I'll be sharing a background painting video. I promised my mom I would do one for her. So it's around the corner.

Lots of love to you all and thank you for all your kind wishes, blessings, words, notes and gestures! I'm off to munch on some steamed veggies and enjoy the day!




Raindrops laced with rainbows, a beautiful song for all of us and a creative summit you're gonna love

Back to the land of the living with my feet grounded again in space and time. I just got diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer.  The good news is they think most of it has been removed through surgery.  Now all that’s left is making the decision on how I want to treat the residuals.

My sister and brother bought me a juicing machine and I’ve been downing greens,  taking flaxseed concoctions and more than anything, appreciating the amazing flow of love that’s been coming to me from friends, family and Source.

I’m trusting in the hidden blessing of this adventure and since I’m wanting to do work in arts and healing, I can only imagine this will deepen my compassion and understanding for others going through illness.  That’s what gets me through the moments of sadness and tiredness.

In the meantime, I plan to keep creating and making videos and I’m really excited to share with you an online summit I’ve been organizing to nurture creatives round the globe. It's called:

 “The Painted Guruu….Discover How Art Heals the Heart,  Inspires the Soul and Soothes the Mind.”

I’ll be interviewing 22 artists on how to create heart centered art that heals and takes us to new heights. It'll go live on June 11th and a new interview will be posted each day. I’ll keep you updated.

When I got home from the hospital, the last thing I wanted to work on was these interviews but in doing them, they're kindling my inspiration and making me want to jump into the paint and play, heal, dive deep and thrive. I know you’re going to love these women and their messages as I have. 

Below is a theme song that probably speaks to most of us. Lucinda is a beautiful musician who is also working with arts and healing now...specifically cancer patients. I wanted to share this song she created. Blessings your way and much love. May we rise.

Trust, healing and a "sans eraser quick sketch" video for you!

This past month has been a test of peace and trust and I feel I've been getting tons of love and light through my meditations and from loved ones. I'm about to go into major surgery on wednesday morning.  

They found some ovarian cysts and though they look benign for the most part, there are some "iffy" elements and wonky bloodwork. They've put an oncologist in charge of the surgery and he's an award winning surgeon so I'm in good hands. I'll know what "it" is for sure when I wake from surgery on wed. morn. 

Strangely enough, my soul feels like its flying and is going through a rebirth of sorts...a brand new phase of life. My body is telling a different story and I'm working on healing the "emotional stuff" that it may be storing. I'm learning to trust not that the outcomes will be what I want but that my soul will learn, grow and heal through any situation. I believe that. Thank God for art journaling...so nice to have place to express the soul's journey.


Also, I've been super busy lately and have been trying to at least sketch and free write in my journal each day. One day, I lost my eraser and discovered the joy of sketching without one. This is such a relaxing activity. You don't have to be an artist. It's not about immaculate technique but about seeing, observing and being present. The video below will take you through the process. Hope you enjoy it!  


I'll be out of touch for a couple weeks while I'm on the mend. My mom is coming to take care of me and my dad is coming up today to treat me to dinner. We're spending tomorrow at the Dali museum and he'll be by my side during surgery. Another dear soul sis has been making me delicious food. She has her own youtube channel called "The Yum Yum Yogi". Check it out! Her food is so delicious. It makes my belly and soul happy!  My soul feels blessed and grateful for so many things right now.

Lots of love your way!


A Photo Art Journal Tutorial & The Second Way to Align with the Heart

I've fallen in love with altered collage portraits and thought I'd include a photo tutorial for a fun art journal exercise. Last week we talked about the power of dialoguing with the heart to align ourselves with growth. And I mentioned I would talk about one more thing....it's vision. If we want to blast out of our boxes and into skies of potential, we have to give energy and daily time to creating a vision of ourselves feeling absolutely free, radiant, blissed to wake up to each day and abundant in every way.......you get the idea.  The vision is your creation.  Use your thoughts and paint away. The sign that you've created a powerful one is that you will feel it in your heart.  If you don't feel it, you may be too stuck in seeing yourself more as a physical being than a spiritual being or too stuck in physical outcomes rather than the way you ant to feel. When I create my vision, it helps to see myself as light, as energy, as radiance.  You can make it as wildly beautiful as you like.

But in addition to making it the vision of your dreams, there's one more essential ingredient.  If this were a cake recipe, the vision would be the flour, and this next thing would be the sugar.  It's about consistency.  The trick is to do this two times a day for at least five minutes each day. Whatever you give energy to grows and we have such a strong habit of giving energy to what's wrong. By giving equally intense energy to your soul dream, you awaken it and bring it to you much more quickly. If in doubt, try it for at least two weeks and see how you feel.  Eventually your vision will change your outer world and opportunities will arrive on your doorstep. Then you just have to say yes and step out of the comfort zone. That's what this page was about...doors opening that led to new skies...somewhat terrifying but also deeply peaceful and joyful..

So start with a reflection before you create your portrait.  What's growing in you right now in a good way...what is beginning to shift? Or what would you like to feel like? Any of those can help guide you to your altered portrait. Then it's time to play...the tutorial is below...ready? 


1) Collage some papers onto your journal. glue them down with soft gel gloss or mode podge. Photocopy stencils for interesting back and white paper designs. Throw in a copy of a music sheet or map. I wanted to mix black and white papers with brightly colored shades. So I also tore out pieces of brightly hued magazine pages. Let your mind be still and tear them and place them intuitively as you see fit. I then went over this by scraping titanium white paint over the page, using a credit card to swipe the paint.

2) Find body parts from different magazines. Resize them on the copier so they're more proportional. Or don't. Imperfection has character and can be fun.  Enjoy this part. Sip your coffee, flip through some magazines and let the image angel visit you.

3) Color them and fill them in with new hues. I used water soluble pastels, a sketching pencil and a black stabilo pencil. I ended up giving her a whole new face because I love drawing faces but you can do whatever. Tis your vision.


4) You'll want to open the windows for this one or spray it outside. I spray this fixative over pencil work and pastels. That way, you can easily write over the pastels with gel pens and pencils. Otherwise pastels have a really waxy surface that doesn't allow you to write over them or do much of anything over them. This fixative fixes that!

5) Fill in the details. I did this page over several days because I like to give time to the journal, time to doodle, embellish, listen for new inspirations. Let yourself add patterns, stencils designs, dots, words, etc...Giving your page and yourself time is an act of love. It slows you down, allows you to enjoy the process more and it opens you to listening to what wants to emerge next.

6) Think about what the portrait represents for you, what it says to you. Then flip through some magazines and find words that draw your eye and heart. Cut them out, arrange them on the page. See if a message is emerging. Feel free to add a few of your own words in there. Glue them down, add the final doodles to your page and rest when it tells you it feels complete. 

Have fun and let me know your visioning goes! Lots of love!

Carry your Portraits and Yourself to New Places...an art journal video

I love reinventing portraits by cutting away parts of them and adding new elements and features. Then comes the message and the words! This one spoke to me on levels that I didn't even realize until it was done. I taped the process...As you can see...even at bunny speed, it was a long and luxurious one. I think taking time with your pages and really letting them flesh out and evolve is an act of love for the journal and yourself. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the materials or the process.


graphite pencils, black stabilo pencil, scraps of old journal pages, collage elements from magazines, soft gel gloss to glue it all down, clear gesso (to cover the magazine image and create tooth that holds the paint and creates texture), stencils, uni ball signo white gel pen

paints: titan buff paint, titanium white, quinacrodone gold and quinacrodone red, mars black

Have a beautiful week!

This little journal page grew out of two inspirations...

The first was a quote I stumbled on that rang true to the bone.

The second inspiration came from a dirty traffic cone. Yep. I'm learning that inspiration requires us to keep our eyes peeled. I saw this bright green traffic cone with brown mud drips coming down the side last week. It was strangely enough a really interesting color combo...so it also found its way onto the page. Since then, I've been paying special attention to color combo inspirations....


I've also realized that inspirations grows not just with open eyes and ears but with a craft that's tended. Once I started spending more time art journaling again, the urge to create returned. It's always a good experiment to try. If you find your muses sleeping, spend more time with your endeavor whether that be meditation, an art form or a relationship. Quality time wakes the muses. It's something they can't resist. Have a beautiful week!

Creative Boredom ...a brink or an end?

Soooo....I've been in a creative block zone. Do you ever go through that? When you feel you've forgotten how to paint or create? I think it's just another opportunity to breathe deeply, stay present and listen to the new direction creativity wants us to go in. The muses won't let us keep doing the same thing. To me, boredom is a clue that it's time to expand and explore new directions in creative expression. But often we get bored and we give up...on a relationship, on an art form, on whatever.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes an ending is what's in store. That's where it gets tricky. But most of the time boredom is the brink of expansion. So I'm practicing patience and listening deeply to where things want to go. As much as I've loved drawing faces, I find myself wanting to create something more subtle and less physical and bound in form....

So what do you do when you're clueless & creatively blocked? You decorate your refrigerator...

 I found some wall paper from a company called Walls Need Love and thought it would be a fun adventure. My landlord got me a new fridge cuz the other one broke. It's quite dark in the living room of sunlit hues. So it needed a bit light.

When the block comes, I also love finding inspiring quotes that tempt you to create imagery ...like this one

"Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."   De Chardin.

Then you let life bring you clues. I just got asked to help out with art on a brochure and they wanted the imagery to be more abstract and less "human" which is right in line with what I'm being drawn towards....


What about you, what do you do when boredom arrives and the muses sleep?

Word play and the choice of creative energy...a bear or a beauty?

So this morning, I enjoyed a coffee and meditation and worked on a journal page. I stumbled on a poetry exercise for art journaling and wanted to share it with you 'cuz it's an engaging one. Here's the exercise.

1) Go into the zone and create a background in your own way.

2) Then find an image that reflects where you are mentally and emotionally. I sketched this image using a magazine face as a model. But you can also transfer it or just glue your image down and paint over it to reinvent it and make it your own.  For this face, I used titanium white paint and a charcoal pencil.

3) Flip through magazines or your word stash and collect words and phrases that speak to you for whatever reason. Cut them out. Scatter them on the page and rearrange them. There's only one rule.  Though I'm not a fan of rules and they usually make my heart race, this rule doesn't limit your creativity. It stretches it in new directions.


4) So here's the golden rule. When finalizing your poem, you can cut out individual words from your phrases and rearrange the words you have, but try not to add any words of your own. Use what you have. It's a game of removing the words and phrases you don't want and finding the message with the words you do have. I cut out words from phrases and deleted others because there wasn't room and they didn't  lend themselves to the heart of the poem. It's a great way to move your expression in new directions.


You're in and you're out...from scaled to healed.

time, contents, taste buds, hearts...

Blow up your dark side of the moon.

Find something new to love.

a feast of color....

the wild air....

There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths.

Hello in there.

Here's what I want to know.

Can we lighten up a little?


As always, poetry and art journaling are healing. If I go over 4 days without it, I feel "off" and slightly edgy. Creative energy is an energy that needs to be released. I've learned that when we don't release it, it finds other creative outlets...like inventing "dramas" and problems that don't need to exist. I think Creative Energy is either a bear or a beauty. Release it and you'll find wings. Keep it inside and you'll come face to face with its fangs....dramatic but true.

Have a beautiful weekend and may you find some healing moments of expression!


When you sketch a face from a photo, you learn a lot about shading, dimensions and features. But when you sketch from your mind, you look in the mirror.   I laughed when I sketched out this face. She looked like drugged jelly...which was much in keeping with the way I felt. My doctor just gave me a medicine (which I won't take again) that made me sooooo sleepy. The face mirrored that right  back. I love how spontaneous doodles and sketches reveal the subterranean layers of the soul and invite you to tend what needs to be tended.

A day later, I painted the page and enshrouded her with all the things that counteract the "drugged jelly medicine" effects.  It's a shot of medicine that lasts 3 months so I may as well look on the bright side of the drug effects until they wear off.   I'm wide awake at 2 every morning so now have extended meditations...more yoga and quiet time is a good thing.


 I pay more attention to juicing fresh greens from the garden to counteract the "medicine".

...and last but not least,  a dear friend sent me an image that made me smile...captures the intention of 2015. Gratitude is always a good thing to wrap yourself in...'tis a grand medicine.

Happy New Year and hope you're finding plenty to be thankful for in the wild whirls of life. Treat yourself to some spontaneous doodle sketches and have a  chat with your subconscious.




The Seed has Finally Hit the Soil

I finally began taping the tutorial! Lordy loo...tis about time the seed finally hit the soil. It'll feature ways to create mixed media faces by sketching them, transferring them and reinventing them. It'll also include tips to invite inspiration and open the heart to the "listening and receiving" that's part of art and life.

For me art journaling is a blend of play and and mastery. I love to explore, experiment , splash paint and let loose. But I also find a yummy satisfaction in mastering new techniques and diving deep.  If you're wanting to build your drawing skills for the art journal, there's a site called Craftsy with some really good online classes by Patricia Watwood. I wanted to delve into  shadows and light and her classes have been a nice sea to swim in. Click on Craftsy to see if it's something you might be into. Twas a nice Christmas find for me.

Also, I wanted say thank you to those who just joined me on the new blog. I hope your holidays are bringing meaning and quality time with family and peeps.

A friend sent me the pic below and I think it's a sweet reminder of what it's all about. Take care and  be well....

Painting Wide

Whether you go from painting on single pages to painting spreads or from painting on squares to painting on rectangle substrates, I always find a new dimension takes you to new places creatively. It's a good exercise. When I took art journaling from single pages to journal spreads, a new world of composition opened. I was recently given several large pieces of pinewood and have been doing my "journal pages" on them...it's good to mix it up and make your substrates like new cities you're visiting for the first time.


As always, art translates to life. I also find when going to new places, my mind and heart somehow expand and think in new ways that refresh me.